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AllegroGraph: Getting Started

I’m following along with Mark Watson’s excellent book on using AllegroGraph, but the automated install mentioned at the beginning didn’t work for me.

While I figure this out, the following manual version does work:

Install the server

  • Download and extract the tar.gz file

  • ./agraph-4.13.1/install-agraph ~/Lisp/AllegroGraph

  • ./AllegroGraph/bin/agraph-control --config AllegroGraph/lib/agraph.cfg start

Add a test user

  • Go to http://localhost:10035/#users

(say user:test, password:xyzzy)

Install the client

  • Download and extract the tar.gz file

  • :ld $home/Lisp/agraph-4.13.1-linux86-acl90-client-lisp-acl9.0/agraph4.fasl

  • (in-package :db.agraph.user)

  • (create-triple-store "tmp-rdfstore-1"
    :user "test"
    :password "xyzzy")

Note: the example from the book uses /ns/name, but this is not allowed

  • (enable-!-reader)

Note: the book omits this at the beginning, but this is essential to do what comes next (without this, something like !owl is treated like a package name)

  • (add-triple !owl:cat !owl:eats !owl:fish)

(get-triple-by-id 1)
<cat eats fish>

Enjoy! More to follow, in fits and starts …

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